Upgrade you SeaDarQ system to the latest standards !

We can no longer supply and support the older hardware versions. You can upgrade to the latest hardware and software versions in an easy way; either to the SeaDarQ Professional version or to the new SeaDarQ Workboat version that has lower cost.
  • We can no longer produce the SeaDarQ system with Radar Navigation Interface (RNI).

The electronics that we used for radar data acquisition were :

    • SeaDarQ RNI
    • Gage Data Acquisition card for radar data
    • ADDI data acquisition card for radar control signals


These components are expensive, especially the RNI and the Gage card. PCs need a special form factor to accommodate for the cards, so cannot be bought by our clients locally. On top of that we have delivered systems on Windows XP, now obsolete, and Windows 7.


What we would want to, for you as a customer and for us as developer and manufacturer, is a system that consists of lower priced components that allow easy upgrading, easy to get components and probably even open the possibility of a low cost version of the whole system.


Why have we not gotten there yet ? Well, software is very difficult to maintain due to the ever changing windows operating system and changing programming tools. If it is hard to maintain a single version of software; maintaining multiple version on multiple operating systems is harder again. Computer hardware  cannot be used forever; parts become hard to get or become even obsolete after a few years. Computer become unreliable after some 5 years. Altogether that makes, that if one part fails, all parts have to be replaced.


To overcome these issues we have developed a new setup based on new hardware. A new SeaDarQ Acquisition Unit has the same functionality as the combination of the three parts. The connection between the SeaDarQ PC and the SeaDarQ Acquisition Unit is an ethernet cable. The SeaDarQ software that supports this new hardware only runs on Windows 10.

The advantage of the new unit is that it has lower costs and is more easy to produce. It is also more independent from the PC.

Our software still supports some of the older configurations, especially those delivered after 2017.

We have also developed an easier, smaller and lower cost system.


Contact your sales representative to inquire for the upgrade.


SeaDarQ Pro 2018 SeaDarQ Workboat 2018